Gregory D. Tepper

Horticultural Lecturer

Gregg has been providing entertaining and informative talks for over 20 years and has lectured extensively in the U.S. as well as at RBG Kew and Wisley in the United Kingdom.  He is passionate about his subject matter and it shows. Browse the titles below to see a sampling of the most popular subjects offered.  

Also, Gregg will gladly create a lecture specific to your group!

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Native Plants We Love - An In-depth Look


This lecture is a celebration of the sheer beauty and amazing diversity of the native plants we've come to admire. You'll experience the incredible aesthetics these plants possess, but even more than that, you'll delve into the attributes that make them beautiful and the benefits derived from being so. 

Shade Plants - Gems of the Forest Floor

This colorful lecture provides an in-depth look at some amazing shade plants, both native and non-native. Learn about shade and about the incredible, diverse selection of plants, such as Shortia galacifolia ​pictured here, that have adapted to the limitations, as well as advantages, of lower light conditions.

Trilliums to Know and Grow


To many, Trilliums are the quintessential wildflower and their reputation is well-earned as you will discover in this informative lecture. Learn about their unique color, form and culture as well as some of the best companion plants for your garden.

Native Plants to Know and Grow

Based on 25 years of experience, this lecture focuses on gardening with native plants of the eastern United States.  From this experience, you will learn which plants do best in what conditions, why some natives are easy to grow, why some are challenging, and how to care for and get the very best out of your wildflower garden.

Lesser-known Native Shade Plants

The unusual and rare always has its draw and the plants featured in this lecture are no exception. Whether as a "Part II" to my Native Plants to Know and Grow or simply to learn more about lesser-known plants, such as the amethyst shooting-star pictured here, this talk is sure to satisfy the most curious native plant enthusiast.

Great Native Ferns for the Garden

This lecture celebrates one of the best groups of plants for the shade garden, FERNS! It features native fern identification, growth habits, culture, and an enlightening discussion of the best companion plants. Learn the redeeming qualities that make ferns a pleasure to grow and earn them a place of honor in your garden.

The Sensory Appeal of Native Plants

This popular lecture focuses on the unique ways native plants appeal to all our senses - Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Sound.  Learn fascinating facts, hear entertaining true stories and see outstanding photographs of the wildflowers of the fields and forests.

Colors of Fall with Native Plants

Fall is a time of bright colors and cooler days and this lecture celebrates the grandeur our native plants provide during this season. Learn about autumn foliage, the best late-season flowers and hear garden anecdote about one of our most famous fall vegetables, the pumpkin.

Native Plants: Weird, Wild & Wonderful!

This talk highlights the native plants' broad spectrum of uniqueness from the macabre insect-eating pitcher plants to the enchanting pink lady's slipper orchids. 

Packed with intriguing facts and delightful gardening anecdotes, you'll learn about the WEIRDEST, WILDEST, and MOST WONDERFUL native plants!